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From the word BULK you know it means MANY. Then SMS is simply normal phone message but BULK SMS has more added to it than this. In the past you must have being seeing your phone companies, bank etc sending you sms with their names even though their names are not in your phone this is simply done through bulk sms.


– Most Mobile Users Send and Receive Text Messages Daily.

– People always have Their Mobile Devices with Them.

– Its delivery is almost instant. Well over 95% of all text messages are opened and the content is consumed unlike other means.

– More than half of Tanzanians Mobile Spending is local. They use for calling, send sms and receiving sms,they don’t want to engage on Internet, hats why bulk sms become very more important.

-Send SMS messages to all people in your area / place / gathering as reminders to keep them of what is going on.

-It create trust to the people that the sms(messages) it came right from the people they know or they want since sms come with the name of the specific person or specific political party. It does not come with number though the option of number is there.

-Extensive Reach.

Statistics of mobile communication users is 8-9 times more, compared to other communication channels.It has advantages over normal telephone, fax and email. The people receive the message instantly.Messages can be sent to a large number of people.


Messages can be delivered to the recipient in seconds all depending on the specific gateway used, route of delivery and coverage of the mobile operator.

– Time Saving.

Instead of crafting a message and thensending it to each person, one message is created and then sent to a whole group of people. It can be sent at once to a large group, manually or automatically which reduces the time and labor involved. Messages are delivered immediately (or when the phone is turned on).

– Reliability.

As SMS is a personal communication facility, receiving it would not go unnoticed and it also grabs the attention of the receiver. In a short period of time, SMS has built up a reputation for itself as reliable communication system, guaranteeing almost 100 % deliveries to the receiver.

-Fast response time.

Most mobile phone users have their phones with them most of the time and check their incoming messages before deleting them. Many people store the messages on their phones until a later
date and then make use of the specials. The response time on average is however, within 24 to 48hours of receiving the messages. This means that message can be reached within a short period.


-Our Bulk SMS Portal is unlike any other you’ve come across in the industry. It was designed to help you win all the time.

-We support the following networks Airtel, Tigo, Vodacom, Zantel, and Smart Tanzania e.t.c

-The system it have the place to track all messaging activities of your accounts.
Comprehensive report centre for detailed data summary of the activities.

-Guaranteed delivery. With additional guarantees that state 90% of submitted messages will
be processed within five seconds, and 99.9% of submitted messages within 15
seconds, you can be rest assured your messages get there on time, every time.

-We offer easy to use interface with lots of features like scheduling SMS and send SMS. Our all services are comes in very competitive price and our sales team is always there to assist you.

-On your account as customer, you can check your deposited balance for the services. Hence to know whether there is enough balance or not. Also we provide automated alert for the balance

-We offer automatic sending of the messages accordingly to time set. Easy to use interface with lots of features like scheduling SMS like When to be send an SMS and at what time. Our all
services are comes in very competitive price and our sales team is always there to assist you.

-Other features including, Quick sms which send sms up to 50 recipients at once, Professional sms send bulk sms to address book contacts and groups.

-file 2sms send fast large bulks, address book store and manage your contacts in the cloud, create
as many contact group as you wish.

-Analytics track all messaging activities of your account,comprehensive report centre for detailed data summary

-Number context check mobile numbers on, off, invalid, not more in use, ported, roaming, ims, msc.

-We either create your account and manage our self, or we create to manage yourself.

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