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A billboard is a large outdoor advertisement structure , typically found in high traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisement to passing people and drivers. Typically showing large, ostensibly witty slogan, and distinctive visuals.Billboards are highly visible in the topdesignated market area. Billboard advertisements are designed to catch a person’s attention and create a memorable impression very quickly, leaving the reader thinking about the advertisement after they have driven past it. They have to be readable in a very short time because they are usually read while being passed at high speeds.

Thus there are usually only a few words, in large print, and a humorous or arresting image in brilliant color.

Why billboards? Billboard are eye-catching, that are one of those things that can easily catch your attention. Billboard advertising is definitely more convenient than other means of advertising. They are practical,therefore You will have your billboard visible to the public depending on your contract.

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