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In today’s world of online marketing; search engine optimization (SEO) is not enough for a website/blog to gain maximum exposure. Supportive to SEO tactics, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the best solution for webmasters. Social media sites bridge the gap between you and your customers. Social Media Marketing helps in brand recognition and promotion, getting targeted traffic and growing your online network.

Some facts about Social Media platforms

  • There are a total of 700,000,000 Facebook active users globally.
  • 200,000,000+ people are using Twitter worldwide
  • Over 65% of the world population is using Social media sites.
  • 38% users follow a brand on social media sites
  • ¾ of online marketers are using social media platforms to boost their businesses and increase network for there businesses.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter is commonly used by all users.

That makes perfectly clear how Social media marketing helps an online entrepreneur to get targeted traffic and eventually get a boost in in there bussinesses.

Infomax technologies Social Media marketing service

You might be one of those online entrepreneurs too looking for taking advantages from social media platforms to get a natural boost in your business. So we at infomax offer our services of Social Media marketing to our clients which include:

-Profile creation and management on popular Social sites: We will create your business profiles on popular Social sites like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and etc. After setting your profiles, we will manage your accounts accordingly

-Community building and monitoring: We will build a community of users who will belong to your business category and monitor them on a regular basis. Furthermore, we will link to niche relevant pages and communities to expand your business identity in the relevant circle

-Likes, shares and tweets: We will share, tweet and receive likes from active worldwide users for your products -Social media optimization: We will optimize your content on social media sites like FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and many other -Content distribution: We will distribute and share your content on social media sites to help achieve targeted users from diverse sources

-Promotion campaign: We will start a promotion campaign for your products by sharing your business information and products details in such a way that users will get attracted and eventually you will get big turnovers.

Come, join infomax technologies, the best and most affordable social media marketing service provider!
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