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So many companies and startups are relaunching brand new websites, and with good reason. Technology is changing, design trends are coming and going, how sites are used is changing, even things such as social media and community interaction are changing and shaping how websites should look and function.

Redesigning websites today isn’t just about changing the look and feel. With technology changing and different problems needing to be solved, redesigning and overhauling websites goes much deeper than just the way they look. 

The functionality, presentation, how they load, and how well they can be updated are all things that are prompting website redesigns on the daily basis.

Feel like you could be getting left in the dust with everyone around you launching new websites? Below are several questions to ask yourself when it comes to your own website to see if it is time to join everyone else in the year of the website redesign.

  • Is your website responsive?
  • Do search engines even know you exist?
  • Is it hard to keep updated?
  • Are there functions and features that are no longer used?
  • Does your website take a long time to load?
  • Are visitors navigating past your home page?

  • Is your site slowly losing visitors over time?
  • When was the last time you completely overhauled your site?
  • Are parts of your site not functioning properly?
  • Is the copyright year in your footer any other year than 2012?

Then,ultimately, you have to make the decision on a redesign a website.

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